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19th March 2005, 19:15
Greetings lads!

Stumbled upon this nice little program: Lineak (http://lineak.sourceforge.net/) standing for Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards

Step 1: Download and install
Either use the download page or... my favourite YUM!
$ sudo yum install lineak*
<< two files will be donwloaded and installed >>
<< lineakd and lineak_defaultplugin >>

Step 2: Configure your keyboard
$ lineakd -l
<< will list all supported keyboards >>
<< find yours, there will be a code correspondance in the first column >>

Step 3: Generate config file
$ lineak -c XXXX
<< where XXXX is your letter code from above >>

You will find in /home/username/.lineak a file named lineak.conf
It's your to edit with commands you would pass an application from cmd line like xmms --fwd to skip the next song in a playlist. Save when done.

Step 4: Start lineak deamon
$ lineakd&
<< & to run in background

Step 5: Add lineak in gnome session manager
$ sudo gnome-session-properties
<< get to last tab (Startup Program) and ADD lineak -b with order 50 (default) >>

All done, it's very nice to finally take advantage of those multimedia keys.
Extra functionnalities. lineak-defaultplugins

$ lineakd --plugin-list
Plugin default of type MACRO
Description: Default EAK macros.
Plugin mediadetect of type MACRO
Description: Media Detect

If you make change to the lineak.conf file you need to reload the deamon
$ lineak --reload


19th March 2005, 19:16
Supported keyboards are:

[pcote@localhost packages]$ lineakd -l

LinEAK v0.8.2 -- supported keyboards:

[TYPE] [Full name]

A4-KBS21 A4Tech Wireless Desktop KBS-21533RP & Office/Multimedia Keyboard
A4-KBS8 A4Tech KBS-8
A4-RFKB23 A4Tech RFKB-23
A4-RFKB25 A4Tech RFKB-25 (KBS-2548RP & KBS-2548RPC)
ACE-6512UV Acer 6512-UV
ACE-TM290 Acer Laptop/notebook Travelmate 290LCi
ACEAKV12 Acer AirKey V (12 keys)
ADEL-9805 Adesso EL-9805
APK7 Apple Pro Keyboard (7 keys)
APK9 Apple Pro Keyboard (9 keys)
BEN-A122 BenQ A122 (6 keys)
BEN-AM805 BenQ AM805
BTC5107 BTC 5107
BTC5113RF BTC 5113RF MultiMedia
BTC5126T BTC 5126T
BTC9000 BTC 9000
BTC9000A BTC 9000A
BTC9001A BTC 9001A
BTC9110 BTC 9110
CBLCB Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd
CBLCBa Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd (alternate option a)
CBLCBb Cherry Blue Line Cyboard (alternate option b)
CC-CYREG Cherry Cybord (Regular?)
CCYMAST Cherry Cherry Cymotion Master
CCYMAST9 Cherry CyMotion Master Plus 9
CEA4 Compaq Compaq (eg. Armada) Laptop Keyboard (4 keys)
CEAK8 Compaq Easy Access Keyboard (8 keys)
CG-KB2625 Codegen KB-2625 (29 keys)
CIK13 Compaq Internet Keyboard (13 keys)
CIK18b Compaq Internet Keyboard (18 keys, blue)
CIK18g Compaq Internet Keyboard (18 keys, grey)
CIKP800 Compaq Compaq (eg. Persario) Laptop Internet Keyboard
CL-D470V Clevo laptop D470V
CP-EVON610C Compaq Evo N610C Notebook
CP-EVON620C Compaq EVO N620c Internet Keyboard
CP-R3000Z Compaq Presario R3000Z
CP90x Compaq Presario 90x
CPR3000Z Compaq Presario R3000Z
CR-WCPAOD Creative Desktop Wireless WCPA0D
CY0108 Chicony Chicony KB-R0108 & KU-0108
CY0173 Chicony Chicony KB-0173 (5 keys)
CY9810 Chicony Chicony KB-9810
CY9885 Chicony Chicony KB-9885 (17 keys)
CYTLC Cherry Trend Line CyBoard
Chic-WL Chic Wireless Keyboard
CiP Compaq iPaq Keyboard (7 keys)
DELL-9100 Dell Dell Inspiron 9100
DELL-D600 Dell D600 (User Defined)
DELL-I8600 Dell Dell Inspiron 8600
DELL-LT-D800 Dell Latitude D800
DELL-SK-8125 Dell SK-8125
DELL-WL Dell Wireless Keyboard
DEXXIK Dexxa Internet Keyboard (23 keys, model Y-SH16)
DEXXWD Dexxa Wireless Desktop Keyboard (9 keys)
DI8K Dell Dell Inspiron 8xxx
DIA9801 Diamond Diamond 9801 / 9802 series (22 keys)
DRT7D00 Dell RT7D00
DTK006 DTK 006
ENNYAHKBD-1008 Ennyah Ennyah Slim Style Keyboard Internet & Multimedia USB
EZ3000 EZKey EZ3000
Fuj-A7600 Fujitsu-Siemens Fujitsu/Siemens Amilo A7600+
Fuj-SlimRFD Fujitsu-Siemens Slim Wireless Keyboard
GEN-KL0210 Genius KL-0210
GENKB-138 Genius Genius Internet Keyboard KB-138 (9 keys)
GENKB-16E Genius KB-16E Scroll Multimedia Keyboard (16 keys)
GENKB-19E Genius Genius MM Keyboard KB-19e (19 keys)
GENKB-21E Genius MM Keyboard KB-21E (21 keys)
GENKWD-910 Genius MM Keyboard KWD-910 (16 keys)
GK-IK GeneralKeys Illuminated Keyboard
GPT-Intl GPT Intelligent Keyboard
GTN-GP9110 Gyration GP9110 Keyboard
GTN-Mobile Gyration Mobile & Ultra Cordless Keyboard
GWSK9920 Gateway SK SK-9920
HP0113 Hewlett-Packard HP KB-0133 keyboard
HP2501 Hewlett-Packard SK-2501 MultiMedia Keyboard (13 keys)
HP2505 Hewlett-Packard SK-2505 Internet Keyboard (14 keys)
HP2506 Hewlett-Packard SK-2506 Internet Keyboard (23 keys)
HPMCEK Hewlett-Packard Media Center Edition Keyboard (24 keys)
HPOBXE41 Hewlett Packard HP Omnibook XE-4100 OneTouch Keys
HPOXE3GF Hewlett Packard HP Omnibook XE3-GF
HPXT1000 Hewlett-Packard HP Omnibook XT1000
ID-KBF21 IDream ID-KBF21 Keyboard
ITRON-GK1 Itron Itron Gemini K1
KEN64355 Kensington Comfort Type Wireless Keyboard 64355
KKO-MCK2000 Kensiko mck-2000
KNS-CTMM Kensington Comfort Type Multimedia
KTEZ-1000 Propeller Voyager (KTEZ-1000)
LAB-UFK Labtec Labtec Ultra-Flat Keyboard
LAB_WDE Labtec Wireless Desktop Edge
LCDN Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator (with expand fuctions key)
LCOF Logitech Cordless Optical Freedom
LIKS Logitech Internet Keyboard Standard
LPDO Logitech Premium Desktop Optical
LS-GS Leadership Computer Accesories Goldship
LS-SMALL Leadership Computer Accesories SmallKeyboard
LT300 MS-TECH LT-300 Design Multimedia Keyboard
LTAK Logitech Access Keyboard
LTAcc Logitech Access
LTCD Logitech Cordless Desktop
LTCDC Logitech Cordless Desktop Comfort
LTCDDO Logitech Cordless Desktop Deluxe Optical
LTCDDOg Logitech Cordless Desktop Deluxe Optical (German)
LTCDNO Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator Optical
LTCDO Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical
LTCDP Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro
LTCDPR Logitech Cordless Desktop Precision Y-RH35
LTCDPa Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro (alternate option)
LTCDiT Logitech Cordless Desktop iTouch
LTCED Logitech Cordless Elite Duo
LTCEDB Logitech Cordless Elite Duo (Black)
LTCElite Logitech Elite Keyboard Y-BF38
LTCFN Logitech Cordless Freedom/Desktop Navigator
LTCMKg Logitech Corded Media Keyboard (GERMAN) Y-BH52
LTCi3B Logitech Cordless iTouch 3 Button
LTCiT Logitech Cordless iTouch Keyboard Y-RB6
LTCiY Logitech Corded iTouch Y-BC9
LTCoiT Logitech Corded iTouch Keybard (Model?)
LTDAK Logitech Deluxe Access Keyboard
LTEPS2 Logitech Elite Keyboard (PS2)
LTIK Logitech Internet Keyboard
LTIK-ST39 Logitech Internet Keyboard Y-ST39
LTIKeurope Logitech Internet Keyboard (European)
LTINK Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard
LTINKSE Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard Special Edition
LTINKSEPS2 Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard SE PS2
LTINKSEUSB Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard SE USB
LTOIK-SQ33 Logitech Office Internet Keyboard Y-SQ33
LTUF Logitech UltraX Flat / Y-SX49
MCK-2000 Mijuki MCK-2000 Multimedia Keyboard
MCK-800 Oretec MCK-800 MM/Internet keyboard
MD40287 Medion Wireless Deskset 40287
MD5351 Medion MD5351
MDKB9908 Medion kb-9908
MI-KB6501 Micro Innovations KB6501
MI-KB985W Micro Innovations KB985W
MIK Microsoft Internet Keyboard
MIKpro Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro
MIKproSE Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro (Swedish)
MIKproUSB Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro USB
MINOWCK Minowa Cordless Keyboard
MITSUDT Mitsubishi Diamond Touch
MITSUHK Mistumi Hot Key
MMK Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard
MMK-1A Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A
MMNK Microsoft Multimedia Natural Keyboard
MMNKP Microsoft Multimedia Natural Pro
MNKpro Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
MNKproUSB Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro USB
MOK Microsoft Office Keyboard
MS-WNMK Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia Keyboard
MWDEK Microsoft Wireless Desktop Excecutive Keyboard
MWMK1 Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A (User Defined)
MX1998 Memorex MX1998
MX2500 Memorex MX2500 EZ-Access Keyboard
MX2750 Memorex MX2750
NEC-vM300 NEC-Laptop Nec Versa M300
NEO-WDST NEOLEC Wireless Desktop ST
PBN750 Prismabook N750 / Mitac 8080 Laptop Keyboard
QTSC98N+ QTronix Scorpius 98N+ & 990P
QTSC98NHP QTronix Scorpius 98NH Plus
QTSCSK2 QTronix Scorpius SKII (2 ACPI keys)
QTSCSK2P QTronix Scorpius SKIIP (3 ACPI keys)
RD-AKMx-Cx RealDigital AKM96/C35\AKM93/C35 (Incomplete)
SCORPIUSKI QTronix Advance Scorpius KI
SHARP-MM20 Sharp MM20 Laptop Keyboard
SK1300 Silitek SK-1300 (and clones)
SK2500 Silitek SK-2500 (and clones)
SK6200 Silitek SK-6200 (and clones)
SK7100 Silitek SK-7100
SK720H Silitek SK-720H
SPPB Symplon PaceBook (Tablet PC)
SS4500 Samsung Samsung SDM 4500P
SVEN2500 SVEN ErGonomic 2500
SVEN650 SVEN Internet 650
SW20P SafeWay SW-20-P
SWX-TM Sweex Turbo-Media Keyboard
T270-KD Trust 270-KD Silverline Keyboard
T2KWOM Trust 280KS/270KD Keyboard Wireless Optical Mouse
T3ESWD Trust 370B Easy Scroll Wireless Deskset
TBC-MKHK820 The Best Choice Multimedia Keyboard HK-820
TDAK Trust Direct Access Keyboard
TEZS Trust Easy Scroll Silverline Keyboard
TOSHIBA2430 Toshiba 2430 notebook keyboard
TPPK Trust Power Plus Keyboard
TSU-SK2000 Tsunami SK2000 Keyboard
TURBOTK9801R Turbo-Media KB-9801R+
TV-MD40273 Tevion MD40273
TWC Trust Wireless Keyboard Classic
TWK3 Trust Wireless Keyboard 300KD
TYP-NOXP Typhoon Navigator Office XP
TYP-WMKB Typhoon Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
TYPHONN Typhoon Navigator
UMAXOK Umax Office Keyboard
UNI3616 Unitek Internet & Multimedia Keyboard KB-3616 (9 keys)
USRmB9 BTC 9000A Alternate
VIV-ProLight Vivanco Pro Light Keyboard
VIV-SNW Vivanco Snowboard USB
VS-KU201 ViewSonic KBM-KU-201
XT-XK240 X-Tensions XK-240
YAHOO Yahoo Yahoo! Internet Keyboard (16 keys)
ZIP-WK711 Zippy wk-711
ZIP-WK712 Zippy WK-712

19th March 2005, 19:57
U da Mon.

19th March 2005, 19:59
Wicked, Thanks X

19th March 2005, 20:08
I am impressed with X, he like many had a hard time reversing the M$ numbness and getting familiar with nix but look at him now!

19th March 2005, 20:20
Dude I'm itching to upgrade to FC4-test (3.90).
Have you tried it yet?

And since I updated udev pluging digicam and USB drive is a breeze. Ultimate plug and play.

I'm making more converts every day.
My father in law (50+ and a lawyer) wants me to install Linux on his home PC because he likes the open source philosophy! How's that...
My wife now runs Linux 100% of the time (since she got hit hard by one of those "internet" viruses that change your homepage, background and constantly pops up ad windows).


19th March 2005, 20:43
No, it has problems inc. slow Gnome, gdm that spins CPU and other annoyances. Wait my brother.

21st March 2005, 22:10
Guys, this Lineak is really great.
If you don't have it and you have extra unused buttons on your keyboard, you need it!


BTW: I was doing some updates on the Mandrake machine of my wife and I totally hosed the system. Big time! The kernel upgrade went bazooka. I had a kernel image in /boot but not the initrd.img; so I created one (mkinitrd cmd). Then the X server would not start. Using the previous kernel was of no help. Hours of troubleshooting the thing, editing config files, remaking symlink. Only to realize that somewhere along the road while updating I "upgraded" to Xorg while I was using XFree86... bad idea (there was no big green warning thought to my defense...). It didn't like being force to udev either... kept complaning. Totally hosed, I finally gave up though I think the system was salvageable for someone with a better understanding of the inner workings of the X system.
Burned the latest distrib (10.1) and installed witht "use current partitions", don't format /home.
Simple as hell. All settings were preserved. icon, links, mail, bookmarks, background, shortcut.
Really, why upgrade at all? Just reinstall. (Same distrib of course). the desktop was as it was left. Programs were all updated. Of course, that's on a generic install that as not been haxored too much. No good for the dnar of this world... :D